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Purely H2O offers the finest and most high tech water treatment systems available today. We also custom build systems to suit your needs. If you have a problem unique to your water supply we can put together a system designed just for you! There are many different water issues all over the world and one system cant handle them all. If you have a water issue that you are unsure of give us a call and we will put together a system specific to your water. We also stock a wide variety of water testing devices such as Nitrate meters, refractometers, TDS meters, Ph meters, thermometers and much more! If you are looking for something you dont see on our site give us a call and we will get it if we dont have it already. Not sure what you need? Dont guess, give us a call! We can help you figure out what filters fit your system or what system is best for you.

    We will do our best to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

Water treatment Facts to make you think!

Hard water ruins plumbing at an estimated $2.7 billion per year.

The average home contains thousands of dollars worth of plumbing and water related appliances.*Studies have shown that in Central Florida the average family needs to save $12.00 a month to replace plumbing and appliances, damaged by hardness and chemicals in the water. A water refiner can *save your family about $6.00 per month of these expenses

It costs the average family $40.00 per month to heat their hot water.

Your hot water tank uses two 4,500 watt elements to heat your water. That is a total of 9,000 watts of power when both elements are being used. Hard water cakes the elements and destroys your hot water tank. A New Mexico State University study determined that treated water can save you 21.68% of hot water heating costs.

Cooked foods are affected by the chemicals and hardness in your water.

Foods cooked in hard, chemicalized water absorb these contaminates. It makes them taste bitter and causes it to wrinkle and get mushy in texture. Vegetables cooked in refined water stay firmer and have a sweeter taste. Pasta, rice, and other starchy food will get sticky and clumpy when cooked in hard, chemicalized water.

Hard water mixes with your shampoo and leaves your hair dull and lifeless.

When shampoo coats the hard water particles they cling to your hair. This blocks the natural oils in your hair, drying it out and making it difficult to comb and manage. The chemicals in the water also strip the color and dry out your hair. This means that you must purchase expensive hair conditoners, and hair dyes more often .

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