Pure Solutions Unlimited Inc. is a Manufacturer and Global Supplier of Affordable RO/DI filters, Aquarium & Home Reverse Osmosis Systems, Quick Connect fittings, Carbon Media and Aquarium LED Lights.

Pure Solutions Unlimited Inc. Manufactures Custom Media Reactors, Aquarium RO/DI Water Filtration, auto top off systems,DI Resin, all plastic float valves, Reverse Osmosis Faucets and Fittings as well as Commercial Carbon and Sediment Filters,Coral Maxx LED Lighting, KDF/Carbon Refrigerator and Drinking Water Filters.

The Company is Master distributor of Eshopps Protein Skimmers and Overflow Boxes, Filmtec RO Membranes, Granular Ferric Oxide, Catalytic and Lignite Carbon, DI Resin, Bulk Media, Water Softeners, Scale Blaster and a wide range of Saltwater Aquarium Supplements. PSI Strives to deliver the Highest Quality Commercial and Residential Water Filtration equipment and supplies at the most Affordable prices available.

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  • eshppos-float-valve-auto-shut-off-kit eshppos-float-valve-auto-shut-off-kit
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    Add this auto shut off to your RO/DI system and it will sense the pressure from your float valve and instantly shut down the water...MPN#19085-kit#
  • carbon-block-add-on-stage carbon-block-add-on-stage
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  • reef-maxx-gfo-single-media-reactor reef-maxx-gfo-single-media-reactor
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    The Reef Max Single chamber Fluidized Media reactor is perfect for utilizing Carbon or GFO or Phosban media. Uncomplicated set up & simple media change out capabilities.Aluminum mounting bracket included (not shown)MPN#RM100#