Pure Solutions Unlimited Inc. is a Manufacturer and Global Supplier of Affordable RO/DI filters, Aquarium & Home Reverse Osmosis Systems, Quick Connect fittings, Carbon Media and Aquarium LED Lights.

Pure Solutions Unlimited Inc. Manufactures Custom Media Reactors, Aquarium RO/DI Water Filtration, auto top off systems,DI Resin, all plastic float valves, Reverse Osmosis Faucets and Fittings as well as Commercial Carbon and Sediment Filters,Coral Maxx LED Lighting, KDF/Carbon Refrigerator and Drinking Water Filters.

The Company is Master distributor of Eshopps Protein Skimmers and Overflow Boxes, Filmtec RO Membranes, Granular Ferric Oxide, Catalytic and Lignite Carbon, DI Resin, Bulk Media, Water Softeners, Scale Blaster and a wide range of Saltwater Aquarium Supplements. PSI Strives to deliver the Highest Quality Commercial and Residential Water Filtration equipment and supplies at the most Affordable prices available.

Latest Products

  • aquaculture-test-kit aquaculture-test-kit
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    Provides you with the most important test parameters for aquaculture applications: alkalinity, carbon dioxide, dissolved...MPN#HI3823#
  • com_100_ec_tds_m_4a17b08c43a49 com_100_ec_tds_m_4a17b08c43a49
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    Measures electrical conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature. Three different calibration...MPN#com-100#
  • iron-&-total-hardness iron-&-total-hardness
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    Iron concentration in natural water is typically below 1 mg/L (ppm), but the level can be much higher due to industrial...MPN#HI3889#

Top ten Products

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    These new indicators from Hanna have a large, dual-level, back-lit LCD to give you instantaneous readings of both EC/TDS and temperature even from a distance. MPN#HI-993302#
  • optima-vision-ro-di-system optima-vision-ro-di-system
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    Our Optima Vision 4 stage Aquarium RO/DI system is our most popular selling model. This Reverse Osmosis Filter system Designed specifically for the needs of Aquarium Saltwater Reef Hobbyists in mind, MPN#optvis#
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  • dual-di-add-on-elite dual-di-add-on-elite
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    Our Dual DI add on kit comes complete with 2- 10 inch canisters, fittings and 2 refillable DI cartridges...MPN#twDIadkit#