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Aquaculture Test Kit


Provides you with the most important test parameters for aquaculture applications: alkalinity, carbon dioxide, dissolved…MPN#HI3823#

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Product Details

Provides you with the most important test parameters for aquaculture applications: alkalinity, carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, hardness, pH and salinity. Each of these parameters plays a fundamental role in the correct balance of the aquatic environment: alkalinity acts as a stabilizer for pH; carbon dioxide must be monitored because it is a toxic element for fish (every species can stand different levels of CO2); oxygen levels affect the fish respiration and incorrect concentrations can slow down their growth rate; hardness is monitored because it diminishes the toxicity level of ammonia; pH also is measured to determine the toxicity level of the water; salinity is important because of its relation to dissolved oxygen. This test kit is supplied complete with all the reagents necessary to perform over 100 tests of each parameter, and relies on our popular pH electronic tester, pHep®, for pH measurements.
Product Specifications

Range Alkalinity 0-100 mg/L CaCO3; 0-300 mg/L CaCO 3
Range Carbon Dioxide 0-10 mg/L CO2; 0-50 mg/L CO2; 0-100 mg/L CO 2
Range Hardness 0-30 mg/L CaCO3; 0-300 mg/L CaCO 3
Range DO 0-10 mg/L
Range pH 0.0-14.0 pH
Range Salinity 0-40 g/Kg
Smallest Increment Alkalinity 1 mg/L; 3 mg/L
Smallest Increment Carbon Dioxide 0.1 mg/L; 0.5 mg/L; 1 mg/L
Smallest Increment Hardness 0.3 mg/L; 3 mg/L
Smallest Increment DO 0.1 mg/L or 0.05 mg/L (0-5 mg/L)
Smallest Increment pH 0.1 pH
Smallest Increment Salinity 0.4 g/Kg
Analytical Method Alkalinity Titration
Analytical Method Carbon Dioxide Titration
Analytical Method Hardness Titration
Analytical Method DO Titration
Analytical Method pH Electronic tester
Analytical Method Salinity Titration
# of Tests Alkalinity 110
# of Tests Carbon Dioxide 110
# of Tests Hardness 100
# of Tests DO 100
# of Tests pH life of tester
# of Tests Salinity 110
Chemical Method Alkalinity Phenolphthalein/Bromphenol blue
Chemical Method Carbon Dioxide Phenolphthalein
Chemical Method Hardness EDTA
Chemical Method DO Modified Winkler
Chemical Method pH N/A
Chemical Method Salinity Mercuric nitrate
Weight 3 Kg
Whats Included?

Includes all reagents listed above and Ph meter with hard case.
Additional information
Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 6 in